Elvington - Tomorrow

Don’t suppose anybody is going to the airfield day at Elvington (near York) tomorrow?

340R will be there, whatever the weather. I’ll be bring my old Elise rear wheels too!

pics http://www.bookatrack.com/isapi/p/gs.plx?1&jimbo&6451109 vidz http://www.jmb0.demon.co.uk/elise/Elvington/

I thought it was an excellent day…especially the afternoon…will have to sort out some insurance and book myself up for a future event.Impressed with your determination Jimbo…you said you would turn up and dispite the weather you did.

What was the format of this day ?How many cars went ?Sounds like it was fun.

David check out Jimbo’s links…they give a good idea of the day…but don’t show you how good the food was at the museum!