Just fitted the Eliseparts gearchange kit - �49.95 plus p/p. Gives a much more precise/mechanical feel to the change with less ‘slop’. Worthwhile upgrade IMHO

RobAs a matter of interest, do you also have either the B&M or Eliseparts Shortshift?

Not yet Pesky - I thought I would try the upgrade before going for the short-shift. It has certainly eliminated the occaisional fumble I had going down into 2nd. What’s your opinion of the short-shift - worthwhile? Did you have a good day at the Show? I planned to go on the Thursday but could not (safely) get out of Essex because of the snow, so they switched my pass to the Friday. I was amazed at the number of American companies there! - its getting to be a really great show.

RobI’ve only got the B&M quickshift, not the linkage. I found it made a considerable difference to the positive feel of changing gear. I am not alone in saying that - all those I know who’ve fitted it agree. Russ has also fitted the linkage to his quickshift. However,the difference in feel is much less perceptible, when compared to that of the quickshift over the standard shift. Show was a great day out - some stunning cars to drool over, plus loads of interesting stuff on the “engineering” stands. The Live Show just does not seem as good as it was a few years ago - probably me getting older & sounding like my dad!

Talk about feeling like your dad - I nearly suggested to some of the stand girls to go and get some clothes on before they caught a bad cold!. One of them had a pair of lace knickers on with a large lump of velcro sticking out the front!