Eliseparts Alloy belled discs

Complete set of 4 - had about 5000 miles of use

250 Quid

Available in about 6 weeks …

what way are you going then?

what way are you going then?

He’s bought a set of these babies:


Aww mahhnn… ROFLMAOvL

the old Pesky boy is right on form… fan-bleedin-tastickkkk

I prefer a Danforth type myself…

Pesky - your close

Changing to some AP 295mm disks front and 280 rear

Is the AP kit complete yet ? That the Eliseparts one ?

No - this is a home brew AP disc conversion - but using standard calipers

Andy what condition are discs in? - what pads are you running?

Im running RS14 - the bells are in perfect condition

Nah, the rears have a bit of wear and the fronts a bit more ( no really ) but are not warped, cracked, grooved or anything I am religous about not letting them get rusted up - I’ll measure them up when I’m back at the weekend and get some photos done

Remember that even new the Eliseparts disks start life already thin, not because the wall thickness is less, but sacrificing the vane gap width instead.

So, even if the measured thickness seemed low, it could be perfectly ok.

Uh oh … I didnt want to get into the reasons for changing - but yes they are thinner to start with …

I think narrower is a fairer description. Plenty of people use them quite happily.