Elise Wheel News?

Having just bought an Elise I have done a little research into what wheels I can put on the car and have had an interesting response from S-Link. Does anyone know anything about what Speedline have planned?

Here’s a copy of the e-mail response I had back from S-Link.

"The only lighter wheels available are the magnesium wheels, which are superb for track use, but are not meant for road use. Although , a lot of Elise owners use them on the road. They are very strong, but the only problem you get with this type of wheel is corrosion near the bolt holes (thread). They are also very very expensive.

However ,there are plans in motion to produce a lighter alloy wheel for the elise at “normal” prices in the not too distant future . The reason that it’s taking long is due to the fact that the Elise has 2 different wheel sizes, so 2 deifferent wheels have to be made. These wheels will be available through speedline wheels (which we sell). These will then be available through speedline and not through Lotus…"


Check Exiges Talk for the Exige wheel thread.

It depends what you define as very very expensive. I believe the Speedline 2010 mags were actually designed for rally cars so strength on a lightweight car shouldn’t be too much of a problem.