Elise vs Exige

Guys, I was at Rockingham yesterday with bookatrack and I had the great pleasure of a couple of laps with Jonny in his Honda’d elise. I have never been in a honda conversion before and it was simply awesome, really good fun !!

I do have one question though. If you take an S1 elise and an S1 Exige and put nitrons, RS14s and a JDM Honda in it, which would be quicker ? I only ask this because I have never been in a Honda’d exige.

Thanks guys,

I guess it depends on the circuit but id say the exige would be quicker.

Out of interest, why do you say the exige ?

Does anyone know the weight difference between the two converted cars ?

I guess it depends on the circuit but id say the exige would be quicker.

Not baised at all are you Ed

Depends on the track Exige has more down force but weighs a bit more.
Elise is slightly lighter but lacking the down force.
But you would have to be some driver to use either benefit.
Exige looks The Elise you get the wind in your hair.
Up to you really although Elise will be the cheaper donor car.

IIRC more downforce and wider track, the elise is a wee bit lighter though. The most important factor obviously is the driver.

The elise was definately easier to get in and out.

I thought the elise was a fair bit lighter, not just a little. Is this not correct ?

Rear clam etc are a fair bit heavier

Another point to be made is there are few S1 Exiges out there in original trim - although improving it - it is a shame to cut the hart out of a rear beauty

Exige will have it in the corners

of course

In the LOT Race Series all of the Exiges have to carry a 20Kg weight penalty, just because they are Exiges, so I don’t know what that says about it. I just think the Elise boys in their hair dressers cars feel intimidated by us more macho Exige drivers. lol

2kg of chest hair and 18kg of medalion