Elise suspension query

Hi there,I am considering buying a standard Mk1 Lotus Elise. I am concerned however, by the performance of the suspension over poorly surfaced roads (e.g. potholes), sleeping policemen, and also kerbs (as my drive doesn’t have a lowered kerb onto the street). Until recently I had a Lotus Elan and that certainly didn’t like such things - it developed ‘wishbone issues’. So I was wondering if any owners/drivers could inform me of their own experiences regarding this matter nad maybe gimme some advice.Cheers in advance,Craig

Mine’s done 114,000 miles over all sorts of roads and has not developed any such “issues”.

The early Elise - up to arround early 99 - had short(er) stroke rear dampers. As they age they can bottom out, as can the fronts. The springs also settle after time and the ride height drops. I have just fitted a set of Leda springs and short body dampers to my 98 car (�650) and this has eliminated the issue and retains and improves on the good ride and handling. They also allow ride height adjustments with the adjustable spring seats as well as damper firmness, important for me as I have also fitted the Sport wheels which are heavier . This gets the suspension set-up much closer to the Exige.