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Hi GuysI am an Exige owner (Y209 LGM) and I successfully drive racing cars. OK THE POINT IS ? that in 2003 I will be driving in the British GT championship and there is major rule changes being introduced with the top class (GT class cars) being slowed by restrictors etc in line with lap times from the GTO class cars. Then introducing a new cost effective entry level class called GTP with the aim of getting more cars out than this seasions poor showing of about 18 cars per race. The proposed cars are Ferreri 360 challenge spec Porsche GT3 cup spec Marcos Mantis challenge spec etc and a rumberling that Vauxhall will run 2 x VX220’s as a works team as they have had the car added to the list of approved cars.SO WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH LOTUS EXIGES ? - I approched Lotus to ask if I could get and old Exige challenge (known at Lotus as a Elise Sport but to us an Exige)car up for the job of GT racing and they where keen to get Lotus in GT racing again. But using a Elise 2 built to the spec of the old challenge cars plus more developments to make the car competitive. So then guy’s we must have an Exige 2 and subject to agreeing some issues I may well be ordering it to Race British GT’s in 2003 instead of the Porsche GT3 cup car.

[image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]When must a firm decision, as to which car you race, be made? Seems like you only have 6 months between now & the start of next season for all the development work to be completed - is this feasible? Which engine/gearbox do you/Lotus have in mind?Apologies if my questions are naive - I’ve no experience/knowledge of how these things work in practice - I’m used to just turning up at the circuit to watch the finished product!Look forward to hearing how your negotiations with Lotus progress over the coming weeks/months.

Hi SpeedyI’m currently racing my Exige with a few Lotus Sport 200’s against Porsche’s and other GT cars in the Australian Production Sports Series (GT Cars) as part of Lotus Motorsport Australia. Email me at [email protected] to discuss further as I think I could help out.

Matt - I want a copy of your race-by-race log, pictures, specs of your car in race-form and videos.Now!

betoMake sure to pass any good info over to me!

To answer some questions -Hi Pesky,A firm decision will be made over the next 21 days and as we will be using known performance levels from the old Exige one make series we should be on the pace for a top 5 finish in class, If we can find 1.5 to 2 seconds in the car per lap we should be on for class wins as that is what the Porsche GT3 cup cars are in front by and these are the bench mark. Lotus will help us find that time and we should be able to reduce the gap so fingers crossed. The GT rules say we have to run the K series engine so we should get 220 reliable ? BHP in race trim with awesome torque and hewland 6 speed box, maybe 4 way adjustable shocks and cars weight is arround 730kg (but the rule makers might want a min 850kg and this would hurt us) Lotus say that since the one make series from 2000/1 they have made some progress on the areo kit and the rear wing size can be reduce therefore more MPH due to less drag.I will keep you informed my e-mail address is [email protected] MattThanks for the offer of help my race team has sent you an e-mail today. We want to win the championship and have the option ? do we go Porsche and everybody thinks best car crap drivers or Lotus new car (so should not win straightway) and hot drivers.Thanks

TonyAfter a bit of research, I see that you are also a “dab hand” with FFs [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]I also see that you are in the Manchester area, how about a beer with some fellow Exige NorthWesterners? I’m in Bolton, Russ is in Preston, JohnO is in central Manchester, & Lord Whitter is just in Cheshire! I’m pretty sure that yourself & John will have a mutual acquaintance at Lotus [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

Hi Pesky,Also you will see me on www.barc.net look under championships then HILL HOUSEHAMOND Ginetta championship and the click on 2001 race championships results I won that championship winning evey race I entred apart from Anglsey when I had the brakes let go running down to the harpin while in the lead. I have been this year on testing duties for the GT team TFM who run LM600 GT Marcos (serious kit) and driving a GTO spec Marcos (retired GT car) for Eclipse race team on track days taking people on passenger rides the last one was in August at Donington (there was a orange Exige out then). The next one is towards the end of the month again at Donington.My best Pal is Adam Wilcox (2000 Lotus Exige champion) and look on his web site under 1999 and you will see me there he run me to the ARP championship in a Formula Vauxhall Lotus car (we even beat Takumo Sato Jordan F1 driver at Donington that year in a one of outing in the formula Europa race series)I live in Saddleworth work in Lymm and a drink is a good idea.If we run the Lotus some cheers leaders from the Exige clan would be greatCheers[This message has been edited by SPEEDY (edited 06 September 2002).][This message has been edited by SPEEDY (edited 06 September 2002).]

TonyWill get back on the drinks together soon. However, a few of us are hoping to be at Donington on 12th Oct - Neil Glover (who posts on this bbs) & Gavan Kershaw (say no more!!!) are competing in the Lotus series which is part of the Aston Martin Owners Club race programme. Don’t suppose you’ll be there too?In your earlier post describing the car you mention a couple of points:Awesome torque - surely only when in the upper rev range???Hewland 6 speed box - not heard that Hewland were making these for K series engined cars -Quaife maybe? [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 07 September 2002).]

mmmmmmmmm hewland box…drool droolStu Boffy’s Elise makes 220Bhp @ 6480 and 198 Ft/lb torque @ 4440 which is an awsome figure !!! it’s 168ft/lb at 2280 rpms so no not just at high revs !

quote:Originally posted by Phil Davies:Stu Boffy’s Elise makes 220Bhp @ 6480 and 198 Ft/lb torque @ 4440 which is an awsome figure !!! it’s 168ft/lb at 2280 rpms so no not just at high revs !PhilWho is Stu Boffey - not heard his name before (as far as I recall!!)? Who tweaked the engine, & how? Surprised you’ve not gone down the same the route yourself, or did you learn about it after the event? [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

To be fair Stu (good bloke - unless he’s reading…) has a bl**dy great supercharger on an other wise suprisingly standard 1.8 k series. So probably going to be tough on the regs.However, another regular here SteveB (Butts) has a stonking k in his Elise 225bhp and 160lbft torque (ish - I’m sure he’ll give us the figures). But this is with a reaonable rev limit, so shouldn’t need a rebuild every few hours running time.In a k series, the best I have seen and witnessed was 253bhp in Peter Carmichael’s Caterham Seven. Sevens always have a few bhp more, but this figure was reached at 9400rpm!!! Amazing sound (if you can live with the bleeding ears).Both engines have had the Dave Andrews touch. http://members.aol.com/DVAndrews CheersChris

Hi All,I don’t have time to write a full race log now, but I do have pictures! Email me and I’ll send some out.Race Results for the Production Sports Series I race in can be found at www.racetime.com.au or www.natsoft.com.au. Also one day in the not too distant future, www.lotusmotorsport.com.au will exist and have our up to date results.My Exige is a B Class car. Stock 190hp motor, sports exhaust, Sport 200 suspension. I could lose 120kg and still be on the B class side of A/B. The A class Sport 200’s (4 of them) have 250hp and 640kg…They are developed far beyond what the one-make series ever got to! They are as quick as Porsche SuperCup, 360 Challenge, Diablo SV-R etc… on all but the fastest tracks

I was contacted recently by Mark Williamson, who has raced a Porsche GT3 in the Australian Nations Cup series, about supplying him with a Honda K20A engine conversion for his ex-Motorsports Elise. He’s contacted Procar to see if they’ll allow the engine conversion, and we’re waiting for their decision. This engine is capable of producing 340 HP in 24 hour-race trim, but Mark is trying to get Procar to include it in the Nations Cup lineup in a Turbocharged configuration with a .8 bar boost limit. I have one of these engines in my Exige right now, and an in the process of building all the production tooling to replicate the conversion kit.Joe

Ahhhhh, didn’t know Stu had a SC, Butts told me about his massive torque figure, and i found a copy of his rolling road results - very impressive curves [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

I’ll be seeing Mark on Wednesday and I’ll ask him where he’s up to re his black Lotus Honda Turbo…now that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it!

Phil,What you don’t know won’t hurt you!SPEEDY,Dave Andrews is definitely the man you should use to tune your car. I’ve been using my engine for 10k miles of road (fast when possible) use, a few track days and 15 sprint/hillclimbs and (touch wood) its still going strong.Dave has recently set up a new tuning house - DVA Power and you can contact him on [email protected] suspect that you wouldn’t be able to enter a supercharged car in your class.ChrisJ,You’re near enough with the power/torque! Peak torque is at 6000, peak power at 7900, it is still making 220bhp at 8500 where the limiter is. Torque is 130lbft at 3000rpm - better than a stock engine, so much to loosing bottom end torque for the sake of top end power!SteveB

Matt,Lotus Honda Turbo certainly does sound nice, especially in an Elise. I sure hope Procar goes along with the idea, it would bring some new blood, and excitement into the series. If they don’t allow the Turbo, we can still get the required 320 HP (Mark’s estimate) in a naturally aspirated configuration, just at a higher RPM, which these Honda’s have no difficulty with. When you speak with Mark, ask him to send me an update on the situation.Joe

Hi,Pesky we have asked Hewland to look at a box for the car but we are at Lotus next week and more points will be discussed and we may well go Quaife (but I am a big Hewland fan) we are going to want to change ratios to suit the track if we can. Also I should be racing at Donington in October in the EERC in a Marcos so see U then if we do not have a drink before then.Matt thanks for the help to given to Nigel my crew chief.Steve B no way can we run a supercharger as they would increase the min weight on the car.Thanks all help and adivce need as we want to win with the Lotus in year one.Tony[This message has been edited by SPEEDY (edited 09 September 2002).]

Tony,Not considering Xtrac for your Gearbox requirements?Did you know that Gemini Have a six speed sequential for the Elise sold by QED for about 7K? All the ratios can be changed and many are available.SteveB