Elise S2 to Exige S1

Thinking of changing my standard S2 Elise for an S1 190BHP EXIGE. Use the car everyday and do about 5-6k a year. Going for a test drive Monday. Car is 2201 on ‘Y’ mustard yellow, air con, sports seat, sports exhaust with 17k on the clock and looks great. Is there anything I should be looking out for? It’s being sold by Lotus main dealer so should be O.K…hopefully. Thanks for your help.

Hi Andy, and welcome.

It seems that lately many Elise drivers are choosing to go the S1 Exige route, but beware, the roof doesn’t come off (not to drive at least).
There’s nothing particular abut the Exige mechanics other than what you’re used to in the elise side.
You can also do a search on this web, the theme comes over back and again.
If it used to belong to a member of this site, chances are you can follow its history fairly clearly.
But a few pointers:
-aircon doesn’t work that well, and when it does, it is likely to break later.
-you want at least Yokohama A039 tyres (original) or better yet A048’s. If it’s got Michelins or something else, you can ask them to be changed, or a discount, since they don’t perform well in this car.
-brakes, the original pads are made of cheese, but then you’ll have to change them very often depending on your driving, you’ll choose good ones later. If you go to track days, chances are you’ll change the disks too. Install braided lines asap.
-of course, you’ll get warranty from Lotus, should any previous repair come faulty, but it should be ok.


If you use the car at the track too

Thanks for the advice. Not being able to take the roof will not worry me. I,m looking forward to my test drive tomorrow and will let you know how I get on…just one thing I drive about 2 miles to work will this do the engine more damage than good as it will not get properly warmed up. I was given some advice on the BBS which said that this could course a problem.

You will have to take a detour to work, something like 20 miles

2 miles per trip is not good for any car !!

Well, you will want to take the detour, and believe me, you will find the excuse for a 20 mile route home to make sense.
But if you’re unning late and 2 miles is all you can do, just take it easy.
The problem with any car is thrashing it when cold. Just be gentle and only thrash it when properly warmed up.

Good advise fellas. I look forward to joining the Exige clan.

Oh…buy the way the car is at Williams Lotus in Bristol reg Y902 FAR if anybody knows this car.

I don’t know that car, but I do live in Bristol, so if I get a chance I’ll mosey on down and have a look-see…

Won’t be for a few days, mind…

I went to look at that car, looks very nice!

Really liked the car. Looked brilliant. Had just a few stone chips on the front, but nothing that they couldn,t sort out. Didn,t get to test drive the car because the weather was terrible, could not see the exit to Williams let only the main road, so will have to go back today. The car was originaly sold be Nelmes…which I believe is Wilsons now. It was a 177bhp but the 2nd owner got Nelmes to put it up to 190bhp with sports exhaust. It has all the reciepts and bills. It also has a tracker fitted.
Could not believe how little more the insurance was. Paying �435 for the S2 Elise and have been quoted �510 for Exige.

Could not believe how little more the insurance was. Paying �435 for the S2 Elise and have been quoted �510 for Exige.

You must be old like the rest of them Exigers


If you dont buy it, I will

But dont worry, I wont be in a position to do anything for at least a couple of months!

Hopefully something else will turn up later!


Yep old

Only kidding, Mines up for renewal in a month…

Not looking forward to it

Hi Andy

I did the S2 Elise to S1 Exige route 18 months ago and I have never looked back .

Hi Andy

I have never looked back .

can recommend a good physio if that’s back related…

Getting frustrated now. Can’t get away from work early enough to get over to Williams. Imust say I do feel a little sick today, perhaps I should stay home from work

Drove it…loved it…pick it up on Friday

Good man, good choice!


Actually going to pick it up on Tuesday. Williams Bristol are going to have it on display on the weekend at their open weekend.