elise residuals

whats happened to elise residuals friend of mine has only been offered �11500 by dealer for a 98s standard elise with 18000 miles?

Maybe nothing, considering that the dealer will probably look to put 3k across it.

Just out of interest, which dealer offered �11,500?Rob Gibbons

not sure someone who offers to buy them for cash who advertises in exchange and mart

Not sure where you are based, but if you still want to sell your Elise consider an ad. in ‘Top Marques’ or get a Lotus Dealer to sell it for you on commission. Either way you will get A LOT more than �11500! Or I will give you �13K for it right now if the condition is OK. 01621 742212 if you want to follow up.

AHAAAAA!!!So you are buying a fleet of Elises Rob - one for every day of the week?

AAAARGH! - discovered! My Elise stache now public you swine. No, but seriously friends, we need an Elise to do all of the development work. I bought one in a deal with Paul Stephens with the Caterham, but I have fallen for it! So, we need another one which we will also use as a show car.