elise over exige

hi all hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend, i have just come back from bell+colville in west horsley looking round some exiges, when i told the guy that i was interested in one he put me off by saying that my elise is a much better road car than the exige and could throw then elise round more on the road. is this true is the elise a better road car than the exige? i was really looking forward to owning one but the assistant there just keep slating the exige please put me straight on this issue. many thanks guys

The Elise is a great car - but I would’nt swap my Exige for an Elise even if you doubled the cash difference to me!!The Exige gets open mouth stares - whereas the Elise gets a quick glance from joe public. I can’t say I’m a great driver - but the Exige makes you feel like a better driver, it certainly inspires confidence.That sales man needs his single brain cell examiniing if thats his way of selling cars maybe he ought to look at another occupation - knitting sounds good for him.I tried an Elise Mk1 then a mk2 then an Exige - the Exige is streets ahead (IMHO).The only way you’ll decide is to try both out.I’ll get off my soap box now Tony

Having said the above…Haydons in Salisbury have got a gorgeous 190bhp Elise with all the goodies in their showroom - and Richard, their salesman, might try a bit harder than B&C to sell it to you.

You might find that this discussion http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum1/HTML/000767.html will help you to make your mind up.Oh, and the salesman is either getting more commision on Elise sales or is a complete fool!Mike

Kieron,I’ll chip in here - It really depends what you want to do with the car. If you want a road car only and do not intend to do track days or competition, the salesman has made a valid point. The Exige engine has poor low/mid range torque and flexibility, sacrificed for (amazing!) top end power. It is also known to have a number of ‘quirks’ and higher running costs (tyres) than the Elise. If the salesman has qualified you as a pure road user, he will recommend the Elise. But try them both over a good distance, because the Exige is really special and (probably) the last of the type and definitely a future classic. Oh, and dont under-estimate the real downside when you want to take the hood off!

KieronThought I’d help confuse you too!I bought my Exige from B&C in Feb this year - without going into slanderous detail and ranting & raving about how PANTS they are - do yourself a favour and buy the car elsewhere. There are some good dealers out there. The Exige needs TLC and good technicians that know the car inside out.You’ve probably heard nightmare horror stories about garages and after sales customer service - quadrople it!On a positive note, the Exige is the most fun you can have on 4 wheels and provided you intend to use it for at least 50% on track, you won’t regret it!

The B& C guy is partially right in that the Exige is such an accomplished car it’s limit are really too high to play around with on the road.You may find an Elise fun for the first few months but then the normal craving for more, power better grip, etc. will hit you and if you like the Lotus way then an Exige will quickly be on your shopping list (and lots of track days!!)Re dealers I have not tried B&C, but rather than name and shame the growing list I wouldn’t use around the South East, south midlands - try Nick Whales in Birmingham. May seem a long trip but it will definitely be worth it to find both the right car and get great after sales service.

Expensive tyres, Rob???Just gone over 9000 miles and have’nt worn the stickers off yet - but not saying what they are otherwise they will all be saying wrong tyres!! (they have got a limit - but only found it once on the road and then perfectly controllable). �200 cheaper a set was the selling point and for the road, they are fine.My Exige hasnt seen a track yet - but I did watch the grand prix in the garage once so the car could have a look.[This message has been edited by Tone (edited 03 June 2002).]

Thanks Guys

thanks for all your advice, the exige is a monster of a car and looks amazing i have only ever seen one on the road, i live in midlesex about 10 miles from london, and paul you are right i have had my elise now for 1 year and yes i do crave more power and grip and as io love the elise the exige is the obvious step up. how much was the 190 elsie in salisbury??

I can’t remember the 190 Elise being expensive, but I can’t remember the exact sum - give 'em a ring 01722 410077.Tony

Nick Whales…no grief buying, good advice, great after sales…period.