Elise motorsport conversion

Hi guys, just looking for some info and any advice that may help me decide whether this is worth considering.

I initially had my mind set on an S2 Exige S, would still happily have one but I also like the idea of building something, namely fitting motorsport bodywork to an S1 Elise.
I get a lot of enjoyment from fabricating things and take a great deal of pride in my work, plus I like to know the ins and outs of my cars, both for the sake of it and also so I can fix things. But seeing as I’m presently unfamiliar with these cars I’m not entirely sure whats involved or whether I would be happy with the finished result? Does anyone have anyone know what the quailty of this kit is like? http://www.eliseparts.com/products.php?product=88

Granted a K Series in std tune isn’t going to be any where near as quick as a supercharged S2 car but I wouldn’t rule out an engine swap at some stage either.

The obvious dilema here is I could probably end up spending just as much if not more building something out of an S1 Elise, which ultimately wont be worth the same as a genuine Exige.

As said, any thoughts, advice or suggestions much appreciated



Well, I suggest you search posts from redhairsucks as he’s done something similar with Honda engine.He hd “fun” creating it and by all accounts it’s something to behold, although I have not seen it in the flesh since it was finished.

I think an S1 Elise with Exige panels is a great idea. It makes great financila sence, especially if you are thinking about an engine swap at a later date!!

good idea ill sell you an Exige kit if you want it cheaper than eliseparts.

Could you possibly email me some pictures and more info?
As I mentioned I dont know a great deal about these cars so I’m not really aware of exactly whats involved in fitting the kit, although from what i can gather it’s relatively straight forward?




Thanks for that, he’s not too far from me either.

Definately food for thought, that looks awesome.

Edit: been searching for some info on this but havent bheen able to find much. What is the difference between the elise and exige suspension?

Another couple of questions;

Is the tub prone to corrosion in places or is it generally the bolt ons, wishbones etc that rust/corrode? Reason i’m asking is that i’ve been looking for a suitable donor S1 Elise and i’ve seen quite a few with 60-70 miles that are going for reasonable money, just not sure what to expect condition wise. Dont mind too much if i need to refurbish component parts but would obviously like to start out with a decent chassis.
If need be i’ll spent a bit extra getting hold of a nice low mileage car, seems to be around the 10k mark for something with 20-30k but considering i’m going to tear it to bits and rebuild it all anyway, I just wondered if I could save some money.

Also, do they tubs have a lifespan? ie does there come a time when they’ve done x many miles or through continual hard track use etc that they start to deteriorate?