Elise Mk1 with Exige wheels?

Has someone tried this? Any pics?

Steve Butts has them and they look good too, sorry no pics.

I thought they rubbed the liners?

The major issue is that they change the gearing if standard size Exige tyres are fitted. If lower profiles are fitted to retain the gearing, the handling gains will probably suffer. I went for Lotus Sport wheels in the end with their recommended tyres sizes as the best compromise and they are brilliant!

Jeppe,You have mail!Those pics are of my Elise with Exige wheels and the original Yoko’s (195/50-16’s and 225/45-17’s). If the Elise is lowered, like mine, this will NOT work, the tires (rear especially) will rub on the clam.I had a tire fitting session last Tuesday with a friendly tire fitter and we found that 195/45-16’s and 235/40-17’s will fit, IF you mill 3 mm from the offset of the Exige wheels. This is within acceptable limits, he tells me they’ve done this frequently on very powerful (+500hp) Porsches. The advantage of these tire sizes is also that the rolling radius is nearly the same as the original Elise sizes. As far as handling is concerned, i have driven my Elise with Exige wheels and the original size Exige Yoko’s and the improvement is VERY noticable. How the car will handle with the above mentioned tire sizes is yet to be determined. I hope to collect my wheels with the new tires this Saturday… And i’ll need the extra rubber, as in a few weeks my Elise will be converted to have around 250hp… Check www.prototyperacing.com [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]