Elise Hard Top

I am having problems finding the Elise I want at the right price with a Hard Top, how good/bad is the soft top bearing in mind that I am looking to use the car everyday.Also does anyone know what the Carbon fibre hard top from Eliseparts is like??thank,Rich.

The hardtop isn’t really any more waterproof than the soft top! I have one anyway and it does make it a bit more liveable in winter. Only trouble is when you get in the car, the lack of a gutter means water beaded on the top can run all over you :-\I too run the car as my daily driver. I haven’t had any roof on the car for weeks though!CheersChris

I am really just wondering whether I should hold out to find a car with a hard top and pay a bit more or maybe forget the hard top and put up with the soft top and put the extra cash into say getting the 111 instead of the standard MK1.Rich.

just go and buy one! coming upto the third winter now for mine and thinking about a hardtop, though i now have a garage so maybe not necessary. the softtop is pretty good, fiddly to put on in a hurry, but mine has been waterproof. the first year when it was left out all the time the top got a bit musty inside so if this is your situation maybe get a cover to keep the top dry during the winter.i would be interested in others reports on hardtops…better/worse acoustics?

I have just bought and fitted a new hardtop and the only way you can justify the price is the looks and the fact that it is one of the few options that retains most of it’s added value and the car does look great with it on! How many have you seen for sale second hand? - QED!There is slightly less wind noise and the headliner does alter the cabin reasonance but not lessen the overall noise level (no problem - wear ear plugs for longer trips) . If you do decide to buy a new one from a dealer make sure you get the 10% discount that they give Club Lotus members and get it painted locally. I paid �150 for a superb paint job whilst the dealer wanted �500!

I was very particular to get a car with a hard top to match. I knew I’d do a few regular motorway trips in particular and it makes a lot of difference in terms of noise and leaks less. Except when you open the door or the window and get a wet leg that is!!Get the roof, and tune the car a bit at a time when you have some extra cash to spare!