Elise crash....

Does anyone speak German???

Quite interested to know what happened??

The news reports last week said that both the guys in it died.


Apperently the guys spun of the road into the water. Some pedestrians found the car upside down. Had been lying there for several hours. Both the driver and co-driver died (both were in their late 20’s). The car was owned by the ING lease division and could be hired or was given as a bonus for a weekend out for outstanding performance by the company.

Not clear if this was the case this time too.

Oh yes, the accident happend in the Netherlands.

That’s a very sad loss of two young lifes.

I thought the TV coverage was somewhat tasteless, given the tragic circumstances, though.

It’s about 25 mls from my home, and they where friends of my collegue. Apparently 19 and 18 yrs old, driver just got his driverslicence and borrowed the car of his friend.

Very,very sad accident, but let this be a lesson a Lotus is not for the unexperienced boy-racer as this chap allready was known for in the surrounding area

may they rest in peace

the language is by the way dutch and certainly not german!

cheers, Marten

Very,very sad accident, but let this be a lesson a Lotus is not for the unexperienced boy-racer…

Hey Guys…

All cars can bite… no matter what your ‘experience’…

The Lotus is no different and is not selective about who is driving…

Take care out there… Our Exiges are indeed sublime… But we are not invincible and… Life is too short…

and so are the number of sunny dry track days

Sad indeed… and as has been said, no car is invinceable and Elises as we, most of us, know can bite and bite hard. Thankfully most of us here only find that out on track in a minimal-consequence environment, but others aren’t so fortunate.

No different to many of the Jap rockets, which have prodigious grip up to a point and then let go in a big way… we kill so many of young’uns in NZ with such cars, proving that people will behave stupidly in cars, and that won’t change.

Keep it shiny side up guys

Sad indeed, the video was a tasteless piece of shite too! No apologies for swearing