Elise 2ZZZ-GE engine Superchargers

I was wondering if anyone had got to the point of converting someof the celica tuning parts from Blitz such as the supercharger kit for the Elise S2 as they share the same engine. It would see that the 190 engine and the blitz supercharger is worth just over 300hp without that much hassle.

The intercooler for the Celica kit is designed for a front engined car. So they would have to design something similar to the 240r roof air intake housing ?? I’m sure they’ll do it with enough interest.

supercharger upgrade will be out after xmas… apparently costing approx 3k

Is that a definite from lotus? as i asked a dealer today and he said there were definitely no plans to release a supercharger kit from them.

they said they definatly werent building an S1 exige

also, apparently they are going to withdraw the performance pack soon and make the twin oil coolers a ‘lotus sport’ option

supercharger upgrade will be out after xmas… apparently costing approx 3k

Where did you here that??

You maybe right about the timing, but the cost seems a tad low I can’t see Lotus marketing a s’charger without a few other upgrades to keep the car pointing in the right direction.


Spoken to quite a few people about it, most say they are expecting it within the next 10 months but from what i have been told the price is closer to 7k!!!

I really hope that i’m wrong and the price is closer to 3k hmmmmmmmm

3k is for the supercharger alone, thats pretty average in terms of cost for a 'charger. Id prob budget another couple of grand to get it fitted. I think its essentialy just a tweaked blitz supercharger

Good to hear.
Who told you???