Elise 160 Sport - help needed!

I need some advice pls!Looks like I’ve found a buyer for my Alfa Romeo Spider so tomorrow I’m going to have a look at an ‘X’ reg Azure blue Elise 160 Sport.The cars done 18k miles and extras include hard top, leather seat, red(?) leather quick release steering wheel, radio kit, Thatcham 1 alarm & Teflon paint protection. Being new to the Lotus scene can anyone give me their opinion on whether this is a good deal, is it the right Elise to go for and also what I should look out for when viewing the car.Thanks

Hi Andrew,An Elise is a excellent choice you will not regret it! Although I’m not convinced about the 160. I have test driven one and found the engine lumpy and fussy all the power is at the topend. The Elise is not really about that, it’s about directness. The standard Elise & VVC have direct power and toque through the entire rev range. Unless you are going to do a lot of track work and don’t do a lot of town driving I would not recommend one. With out wanting to sound bias about what I have said above I am selling my standard Azure Blue Elise. It is a '98 R reg 21,000 miles. I have had the car from new. It has a full Lotus service history (Bell & Colvill). If you are interested let me know.Regards,Nick.

Andrew, your best bet for advice on Elise 160 values is to ask at: www.british-cars.co.uk/lotus The main thing to check IMO is that the car has not been in an accident, and if it has, that there was no damage to the chassis. If the car seems OK after your intitial inspection, ask the vendor if he minds having it checked over at your nearest Lotus dealer/specialist for peace of mind.Anyway, good luck - the car sounds like a nice spec.