Elise 135R Trackday special edition

Ok so its not technically an Exige! But - it does have Exige suspension, wheels and tyres. Sort of half Elise half Exige!
Anyway its for sale and is VERY competitively priced.
2004 04 plate 17000 miles, full lotus history, one owner from new (lady) in Saffron Yellow.Check out the 135R spec on the web or e-mail me for more details at [email protected] �16,000 No offers - available Now.
Thanks for looking.

I’ve always rather liked the 135R and Alister McQueen is rather found of that version. Certainly my favourite S2.

Good luck selling it, I hope it finds a good home.


I agree, 135r is a cracking car and that seems a cracking price. Yellow is of course the best colour

Yellow with black wheels - definately the best combination. [image]http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b151/AEales/elise009.jpg[/image]

Nice car the 135r…the best S2 I had …good luck selling with her.

Nice car the 135r…the best S2 I had …good luck selling with her.

Best Elise I had, full stop. Same colour too

I do hope you don�t mind me asking, but where abouts do you live, coz that�s a hell of a view you’ve got there .


Its all like that up here in Scotland, good views and even better roads…

Just sold my 135R (build number #1)…quite gutted but hopefully my S2 Exige will dull the pain

Central Scotland - you cant beat it for scenery and twisty b roads ! Its Elise country up here (when its not raining)!

You didn’t happen to buy it from a dealer in Bristol did you?

Sorry No,
We bought it brand new from the Murray Motor Company in Edinburgh.
What makes you think it was Bristol?
There are only 25 of these cars in Saffron yellow in existance so I suppose most dealers would have got only one.
Do you want to buy it ?