So the lotus factory loom leave something to be desired but generally ok, however start hacking it about and adding circuites and engine swaps and often you’re left with a rats nest of connectors and loom by the n/s rear arch

So I’m setting out to clean mine up, new fuse and relay panel to replace the MFRU (I know RU stands for Relay Unit, can only imagine MF is multiple failure) and migrate the ECU into the cabin.

Started out making this:

Basically does what the MFRU unit did, but with fuses and on proper Duetsch plugs.

Sneak peek at how the engine loom is coming on, wrapped with DR-25 heatshrink

Proper stainless bodied 0-100psi pressure sensors (one for oil one for fuel)

If the job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Looking awesome dude :sunglasses:

all in the details, although even in this build all I can see are corners cut :crazy:

Looking good, although I agree. Those cable ties through the plate would get on my … :blush:

actually I don’t mind them, I looked any various way to secure the lines; stuck on tags, velcro loops we use on the fibre optics at work, but this was simple and reasonably effective

Any zip ties used in the loom for strain relief are under Raychem shrink

this is a great link for inspiration on builds: Motorsports ECU Wiring Harness Construction

Pickups and heat shrink. I’m being too picky. Looking good particularly the engine loom. I dont have the patience or would do something similar.

My choppery skillz are just too subtle for you boys eh :laughing:

yeah I saw them!

drive the guys at work mad, as made them go back to site (brighton) to redo the wiring on an install as I thought it was sloppy.

Just ordered one of these, the supported wideband module for the dash but also hondata. Need to speak with tdi to see if I can ditch the OE sensor and use the narrow output.

Had one of those for a while but never got it wired in. Plan was to run it though to the DL1 and then on to the dash.

so yeah I have the Dash2Pro with the DL built in, so will feed an analogue in with the PLX and use it’s narrow out for the Hondata.

Trying to capture all the wiring changes into one design, so I’ve allowed for future changes etc.

more bits of loom made up - The bit that goes over the head:

Put the crank sensor on it’s own breakout, so I can really seal that connector as it’s a pain for getting water in.

Need to do throttle sub-loom, chassis pickup loom, gearbox breakout loom and then bring it all together again to the MIL

clam off with the help of Mrs Muu:

time to tackle this OE mess:

strip it back:

took engine out to get at the box

Blimey - you’ve been busy !!

Not long till Easter :wink:

I’ll be all good (famous last words)


this is what we generally use for zip/cable tie bases, bonded wtih RT125, as its generally done to raw CF so doesnt have a perfectly smooth surface.

cracking job, nice to see your using proper bits i.e DR


is this what you’ve used for the battery connection?

quite like that idea of fitting it on the bulkhead, as i refuse to spend £120 on a autosport panel mount battery connector.

yeah got two of them on the bulkhead, one with the starter on, the other the alternator.

They then swing around to a carbon panel with a 2 pole binding post.

ps polevolt are great - amazing how it all adds up though.

ok may as well use this as my build thread until I get my threads merged (one day!)

While the engine was out gave it a quick clean up, and replaced the knackered red hose with a wire reinforced black one:

and wanged a new clutch OEM in:

and while I was feeling flush ordered this to combat any understeer the diff brings

but anyway back to wiring, this will be my new chassis plate where the engine loom meets the car (on Duetch DT)

the engine loom will go via a MIL connector on the bulkhead:

and will be wired back to this point: