Electrical Ancillaries.

Has anyone tried to wire in any Electrical Ancillaries.I have recently bought a Morpheous Geodesy GPS Speed Camera Warning System. Great for those unfamiliar B roads.I need a 12V 400ma feed, I believe the ECU is located on the rear bulkhead is there any unused output or any other obvious source of power there?Thanks in advance.

Just run a feed directly from the battery terminals. Remember to put a fuse in the +ve line though. The only other option is to splice into existing power wires (again use a fuse).Also, put a connector in line so you can remove the unit. Use a female type connector on the lead from the battery, so it cant short to chassis ground if you accidently drop it.

wouldn’t it be better to take it off a fused spare or even piggy back an existing terminal in the fuse box accessible in the rear bulkhead…there is a ready made cable run between the seats and under the transmission tunnel etc all the way to the dashboard?

Steve, yes you’re correct. However, I don’t have an Exige so dont know the wiring layout. Was just offering what I thought to be the easiest solution.