Electric Window Fault

Has anybody experienced an issue with just one window before? My passenger side works fine, but driver side won’t go down. No sign of the motor even trying, I’ve swapped the switch with the passenger side to rule that out - but still nada.

Motor looks pretty awkward to access but haven’t put much effort in yet.

I assume they’re not on separate fuses, but happy to be corrected.

Different fuse for each side. If I remember rightly, yours is a white dash car? If so, then fuse 3 & 4 under the front access panel, 20 amps. You might get lucky, but if the fuse is blown, then there’s normally a reason. Have seen motors seize, lift wires come out and get all twisted and a screw that holds the front runner coming loose and jamming the guide block on the glass.

Cheers John, I sorted it earlier.

Turned out to be a broken wire in the loom near the door hinge. Surprised me how stiff the wiring is for such a high mobility area but it was an easy fix :thumbup: