Electric Water Pump on VHPD engine

Does anyone know the specification and/or manufacturer of the electric water pump that continues to pump coolant around the head after engine shutdown?

Or does anyone have any contacts that could find out?


No idea of the flow rate, pretty low i think, but i think it is made by Bosch.

Oh and i do have a spare one

Hi Phil,

You could be our saviour! Is there any chance we can take a look at this pump? It would also be good to take a look at a car with the pump in situ so that we can check out our info on the plumbing. Where are you?

Many thanks,

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No problem Dave, i have one car that i re-plumbed when i took the pump out and another which still has it in.

Have a look at the avatar to the left for my location

For those that are interested, its a Bosch Water-circulating pump P/N 0 392 020 064
Nominal voltage 12 V
Delivery 1200 dm3 h-1
Delivery pressure 0,1 bar
Direction of rotation R
Type of duty S 1
Degree of protection IP 5 K 4
Weight 0,4 kg

This is interesting. Should I be hearing a pump running after I switch off? I’ve never noticed it.

Normally no, the heat soak pump was only fitted to air-con cars and monitored the water temp after you switch the engine off, if the temp rose the pump and additional rad fan would switch on until it was back to normal.

Cheers Phil, that’s a relief. I don’t have aircon, so I’ve nothing to worry about.
Does anybody think it might be worthwhile adding one of these pumps to my car?

It depends on how hot your engine is when you switch it off, normally after a good thrashing i let it idle for a few minutes to keep the coolant flowing. Unfortunately changing to the Emerald ECU removed the ability to monitor and drive the pump. However a small 10 minute timer circuit could be used to drive it after the ignition has been switched off regardless of coolant temp, however i would prefer designing and making a circuit to do it properly

The addition of the pump is what Dave is investigating for fitment on the MGF’s so hopefully the results will posted here.

Cheers Phil