dunno if this has been mentioned before, but the MY07 exige (with sports pack!!) comes with an ipod connection and holder! times changing?

That’s good! Any piccies?

pick it up on saturday, so will take some then… it looks amazing!


Enjoy your new car, and we expect to see pictures of the whole car, and the iPod holder.

I had read some where that the new cars have an alpine head unit/ speakers and an ipod lead. Cool.

yeah, its defo an alpine unit. i looked in a few of the cars on the floor, and they all have this ipod lead. they have also changed the headlamp arrangement so that there are now three lights, the side lights being at the very top. the plastic cover also has a bit on the top for “warmer climates” as the sun shining on the headlamps was being magnified and burning through the bottom. not sure what else has been changed, but looks good

My ‘S’ (June Registered) came with an Alpine Head Unit and Ipod lead. It very neatly fitted down the left hand sill, under the plastic protector and exits right next to the passenger seat so the ipod is out of sight. No wires showing anywhere. Typical Lotus they supply the lead, but you have to fit it yourself!

Any pictures, sounds good ???