Eggar Lawson track insurance

Im looking for track insurance, and someone suggested eggar lawson. Ive had a look but cant seem to find a website or contact details, can anyone help? Thanks.

Thanks ill give em a try.

Beware that they now either do track cover OR windscreen cover in their standard motor policy, not BOTH.

Give Heritage a call

I’m up for renewal with them, and I just re-read it, and you’re not wrong. I’m going to ring them and unless it’s the same as last year, I’m off elsewhere.

I bet a windscreen is mega money.

I bet a windscreen is mega money.

circa �1k

It will be the same for all new policies and renewals with CCI.

I am told that even if you opt for buying a track day cover from them (1% of insured value) this will invalidate your screen cover.

Its a bad decision which they will regret as people who do <4 trackdays a year (ie their free ones) will go elsewhere. They were forced by underwriters pushing up premiums to restrict the cover they offer as standard.

BTW CCI don’t do track cover in Europe whereas Heritage do. There is a Seloc/LoT discount too!

Its a bad decision which they will regret as people who do

I moved to Autotorque because of above - never used my free trackdays last year - knob!

Mate, the rumour is that you are basically SCARED of going on track!! Evidently you wear a blouse, rabbit ears and suck your thumb also!!

correct! I’ll get some ears for mi’ Arai

but I’m more scared of spending the brass

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