Effect of a decat on N/A car?

Just returned my loan Elise S and got back into my Exige (God it feels good!)

Thinking about decatting now. Have ITG Maxogen and a stage 1 exhaust. Looking for a bit more noise at low revs and a deeper sound. Would it help make the engine feel a bit looser?


it would be very noisy and also illegal

Sounds like a right PITA to me. Decatting usually does bugger all nowadays apart from meaning that you have to tear the car apart once a year to put the cat back and swear at all the seized bolts.

If you want to do something constructive fit a fit Piper exhaust manifold with a sports cat and silencer. That should help improve the performance properly. The std manifold is too small and restrictive (its small so the cat lights of quickly and passes EU4 emissions but mr MOT man doesn’t care how quick it lights off as long its working normally) to be of any benefit. I reckon it’ll work nicely.