Edwards Splitter and Diffuser

Thanks Martin and Steve for fitting the splitter and diffuser

  • car used less petrol on the way home than it did on the way up.
    and had a race with a very strangely badged MR2 - a very fast MR2??? (one for Mark)

Martin / Steve

Can you email me with prices for a splitter and rear diffuser?

Possible to have a diffuser with a bit extra length out the back?

Possible to fit at Bedford on 31st Aug??

Possible to paint them ORANGE ?? (Groan)



[email protected]

Blime mike! You want quotes for everything! I am available for very reasonable rates to come and look at your car, I may even take a picture (extra cost).



Y H M.


Don’t even talk to me about it…

Wassup Tony ??

Steeply cambered road, turning right into an up hill entrance and nylon bolts did’nt mix to well.
Thought I had got away with it until driving down the motorway later I heard a swishing/ scraping noise - splitter worked so well it pulled itself down onto the motorway - proves it works!
But motorway at 70mph and splitter did’nt get on too well.
Exit one splitter or is it two?

Sorry Tone - however …

Better than sitting in your exige at a crowded motorway services, starting it up with a few faces looking at you … IN GEAR - crash into the kerb in front … Yes the nylon bolts do work

Bet that hurt in lots of different ways!
Thanks Andy - made me feel better tho’

Bad luck mate.
You have our number of you want a replacement!


Thanks Steve!!!
But the wedding next month is getting more expensive by the day - I’d best wait for it to top out before I spend anything…
The budget is going up by a thousand pounds a day - and there are still 24 days to go!!



No problem mate.


and had a race with a very strangely badged MR2 - a very fast MR2??? (one for Mark)

Didn’t hear anything on the IMOC list… But there are some fooking quick ones out there! 300bhp is easily attainable but then some people have touched 400bhp with similar levels of torque

On a track it wouldn’t matter but on the roads it’d be tricky to beat

Hmmm… Splitter… Must… Resist!

Can’t remember colour of MR2 - but remember it was unbadged apart from an Italian (?) flag badge right hand side of tail gate lip.
Not saying it was faster than the exige - just very fast.
But then had some fun races with Scoobies - and a neighbour has just picked up a WR1 and that is eversoooo fast!!!