edinburgh exige for sale

Anyone know this car? murray motor company
Little point in asking at the moment. Woman has decided that I am not buying one for at least 6 months, probably a year

Gasman, don’t know car but spec, colour and price look excellent. Can’t you hide it from the missus like a secret mistress?

I do like the car, but not bothered about air con. (since reports say that it is next to useless) and I suppose the price reflects the fact that someone has left in a garage most of its life - strange!
Problem is house moving and the fact that we had a nice ‘discussion’ about this 2 nights ago. Didn’t get any oats til next day
I’ve been down to MMC to look at the car but I haven’t seen it on display.
She doesn’t really ever go in the garage so really a quick swap and what would she know?

Tell her it’s a loan car, while your old one is having it’s retrocalcilent magroiders recalibrated …

She’ll never know !!

People seem to be adept at this here!!