Edging Strips

I have motorsport seats with holes for crotch straps, however the hole has sharp edges and is starting to wear the strap.
What I’m after is some rubber edging strips (or cheapo alternative) to protect the strap from damage.

Any ideas what to use, how to secure it and where to get from?


Get a couple of rubber lined “P” clips - take the rubber off and cut in half and then superglue it in place on seat - works perfect.

These guys can supply pretty well every kind of edging and trim http://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/


I have some close up jpeg shots of normal door rubber fitted on the seat and it looks good. You can obtain this from any classic car trim shop on the net…It’s cheap as chips…don’t know how to upload picks I am afraid so i will need an email address to send it to if you are interested…

Email sent with picks !!!