ECU Removal

Tried to remove my ECU last night so I could send it off for a reflash. I am probably missing something obvious, but I couldn’t see how to disconnect it from the wiring harness. There are a couple of locking tabs which can be pulled out horisontally on each side on the connector block, but I still couldn’t get it to budge and I didn’t want to use any force for fear of damaging the wires and connectors. Can anyone who has done this offer any advice?


sorry cant help you on that but can you tell me were the ecu is placed as my car is in lotus at the moment for an electrical problem they have ordered an ecu and i was just wondering were it was positioned? thanks sean.

Hi, I’ve had mine out for the reflash. As you say there are two sliding lock tabs. These need to be pulled out fully then the cables can be eased off. Trick was in making sure that the tabs were actually fully out as they tended to stick about half way. Try jiggling the cables as you pull the tabs and see if they come out any further. I unbolted the ECU from the firewall before starting on the cables to give me as much wiggle room as possible.

Getting it back in was a little more problematic as they need to be carefully aligned before pressing home to avoid bending any pins, and to allow the lock tabs to slide back in without too much effort.

Didn’t lose the skin on my knuckles until refitting.

Will, thanks for the advice - I will give it another go this evening. Kuckles already skinned from the first attempt