ECU Recall Remap

Just noticed Carttmans post and thought you clever people might be able to help me. I took my car to have the recall work done but it needed a new chip in the ECU as the original wouldn’t accept the new map. When I got the car back it was fine for the first few miles but then the rev limiter kicked in at 5,500 rpm. From reading posts on here I realise this has something to do with the ECU detecting a misfire. As it was damp on the day I picked the car up I assumed it was damp on the plugs as my car seems prone to this. It doesn’t idle any better than it did before the work was carried out and it still stalls trying to find idle.

Any ideas please


Restore default ECU settings:
Turn ignition without starting car.
Pump accelerator to floor 5 times
Turn off ignition
Wait 30 seconds
Turn ignition and start car…ECU should have restored settings.