ECU recal

has anyone out there had the ECU recal done, that lotus are requesting on the exige this week?Any news as to what its for?Andy

try reading through this thread

the recall was for the engine stutter at 5500rpm. I had the stutter, then had the recall and i have never had the stutter since. Hope this is helpful

Digressing slightly…Anyone know if the ECU recall upgrade stops the pinking on the 190 when using regular unleaded?I’ve still been using Super-unleaded just in case - just wondered if anyone had tried it.Cheers, Tim

Tim,It seems to stop it on my wifes car but only if i use Tesco’s petrol (yeah yeah i know [image][/image]), its very strange, using unleaded from BP, Shell etc it will pink, putting in the Tesco stuff and it doesn’t [image][/image]

Timbo,I did the upgrade, never had the stutter before or after, but I can tell now that the idle seems much smoother and the engine doesn’t pink.Uldis

Phil - that’s bizarre!Uldis - I had the 5500rpm stutter a couple of times before the ECU recall - none afterwards so far. Although I have had a couple of massive back-fires when changing from second to third - one whilst overtaking a poor woman in an Escort or something. [image][/image] which I never had before.But, I had pinking after the 190 upgrade, but before the recall until I switched to Super-unleaded. Are you using regular or Super-unleaded now?Cheers, Tim

Only Optimax, and if I can’t find it then BP super unleaded.But I did try once on the normal fuel (95ron) sftre the ECU re-write and it (almost) didn’t pink, where before it would pink like crazy with normal fuel.Uldis

Reference Petrol,Got the 190 (no cat)and the ECU upgrade, managed to fill up with LRP (lead replacement petrol) - easier to find and much cheaper than Optimax and seems to do the trick.Only trouble is you have to get the wider petrol pump pipe into your filler neck. Much easier said than done!Answers on a postcard please [image][/image]Phil GT

There’s a comment here that suggests additives in LRP may not be a good thing. Cheers, Tim