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I understand that the ECU won’t need physically changing. Lotus Delears’s will reprogrammme via a laptop.This sound great and should go ahead in 3 weeks. Few problems at the momentHopefully we get to choose 177bhp, 192bhp …

quote:Originally posted by sparky:Hopefully we get to choose 177bhp, 192bhp …Err nope - it’s like for like on the ECU front! (Don’t forget that when upgrading, the thermostat & cam belt pulley are also changed, plus decat pipe fitted - that’s why it costs you a few quid to go from 177 to 190!!!)

LRV re programmed mine via the “laptop” non exchange method last week. No problems so far, in fact defenite improvements [image][/image] a few less pops and bangs but still enough to go around [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

The exchange/reprogram decision is in the hands of the dealers - not all of them have the facility to reprogram ECUs, therefore Lotus are sending physical ECUs to these dealers on an exchange basis.Try and find a dealer who can reprogram rather than exchange (anyone want to publish a list?) as Lotus are only sending each dealer 2 or 3 physical ECUs to exchange, and then sending more on return of the exchange units - so these dealers are hampered by Lotus turnaround times - and therefore not able to do the job quickly - the ones who can reprogram in theory are only limited by their ability to get you into the workshop

London Lotus Centre (H R Owen)can now re-programme - I think mine was the first they did - a couple of weeks ago.No problemsI think the dealers must prefer this as it saves them having to remove and re-fit the passenger seat which in my case was a relief as Geary’s seats are not the easiest in the world to get in and outDavid

had my ECU re-programmed at Ribble valley couple of weeks ago. Noticed that it now gets a really dirty exhaust, as if its running richer, doesn’t seems to run as smoothly as before, fairly lumpy lower down when around town (not cammy, just not running as smooth) but Hey, ain’t got no missfire.Phil GT

Phil, Ihave noticed the same sort of thing. I have got mine reprogrammed and now it too seems to be running too rich and popping when it used not to. I also find that when bumbling around in traffic between 2500 and 3000rpm it is definitely lumpier. I thought the whole point of the reprogramming was to improve low end torque and prevent the catalysts getting damaged with unburned fuel? Before the re-programming I had not problems with the 5,500 stutter so I was thinking of taking back to the dealer so they could get it right.Jason

DeCason,I’m back to Lotus Ribble valley on sat a.m. (As long as it’s o.k. with them!) cos I was happier with it before. Hard to describe but it felt crisper and cleaner, now it feels stodgy & lumpy. (Bit like the girlfriends cooking) I suppose you can feel when it’s running ‘sweet’ and when it ain’t.Regards,Phil GT

Just to add my thoughts,I purchased my car from H.R.Owen,but still have not heard from them regarding the recall about the ECU,even spoke to Lotus themselves,they have told me to wait!But i am still not convinced about the reprogramed ECU,judeing by people’s reactions in will be happy to leave things as they are! [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Senna 1:…even spoke to Lotus themselves,they have told me to wait!Are you suggesting there’s going to be another new iteration?! [image][/image]

PeterThe recall notice was “red” meaning that there was a serious issue affecting safety. In this case to remove the danger of cars catching fire due to a severe misfire (I think two 340Rs and one Exige suffered this fate). Also with A/C cars there is an issue of the routing of the front brake pipe near the battery which may cause corrosion to the pipes due to spilt acid.If you don’t have the recall work done you would have no redress to Lotus if you had a problem in the future and it might make it difficult to sell the car in the future as it would not be recorded that the work had been done.H R Owen (London Lotus Centre) reprogrammed my ECU and I have had no problem and can’t detect any significant difference, however I am not that sensitive when it comes to the finer points of car behaviour. Some of the problems have been caused by the wheel sensor which needs to be working properly due to people having disconnected them or they have just not worked properly due to being corroded or dirty.Hope this helpsRegards - David