ebay exige madness

a friend of mine called me up over the weekend asking why i didn’t bid on the auctioned exige on ebay, immidiate purchase price 75p!or the like, it was sold very fast apparently. this story made the newspapers in germany.

story is the owners wife caught him with the his troos doon
and in her fury flogged his motor, which was in her name. i have checked in the garage and mine is still there ,
i do hope it was not one of you guys.

it was an esprit, not an exige…

im sorry but if my woman EVER pulled a stunt like that i would put her anal virginity for sale on ebay and make her earn it back !!!:smiley:

You spend too much time playing with cars if she’s still a virgin…

I think you missed out a hole word there Uldis boom boom

I didn’t miss it … I meant both

What, all three ??

At once!?!?!?!?!?

every holes a goal!! And tonight im scoring a HAT TRICK!!!


as a point of clarification, i think the correct terminology for all 3 at once would be an airlock as aopposed to the hatrick that koopa was aiming for

Airlock! LOL!

Airlock! fantastic, new term for me.

Will be using it a lot!

glad you boys approve. now that’s a level beyond the plain old spit roast that has become passe, but still a member in each hand short of the spastic eagle (picture the motion)which would really be the zenith of achievement

and finally…

One could use the industry standard teminology


as in ’ Ait Tight 4 Starring :Inari Vachs, Marin, Alexandra Silk, Racquel Devine ’ etc…