Easter Eggs

I know a few of us get together for a chat in the dark, cold ,windy, wet North West once a month, but as I stood in the freezing cold car park of a pub last week with a drink with ice in it that wasn’t in it when I got it I suddenly wondered why we don’t get together one Sunday and go for a bit of a drive and some nosh in the daylight!!It might still be cold, windy and wet but what the hell at least it won’t be dark!!The other thing is it will be nice to see other Lotus owners out and about instead of a steady stream of Mazda MX5 and MGF owners ! Some of the later who even have the cheek to wave at you !!!Any takers let me know what you think

YogiJoin the NORLOG group at http://groups.yahoo.com We meet the first Sunday of the month - you’ll recognise quite a few faces from the Wrights Armms [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

Yogi, Just to reiterate what Peskey has said, if you join the NORLOG group, we also have runs out and about regularly. In fact we have one planned for April 21st from Carnforth and around the Yorks Dales, as well as the hope of doing the Cat & Fiddle after the next meeting on April 7th in Macclesfield.Any Lotus owners, or prospective owners welcome.SOOTY

Pesky, once again the breadth of your knowledge never fails to impress ! (Honest)Thanks againTime to go and get some picnicky baskets Bo Bo !!