East Anglian Exigers

Any East Anglian owners out there.

As a newbie I need to gather info on my new toy…S1 no mods but going tracking so need some tips.
Meet up when the snow thaws…
Safe Sliding

Mr bean - what’s the weather like there? Was snowed off Snetterton last Sunday and have been offered this Sunday as a replacement…but have to go to Amsterdam on business


Apparantly that date has been cancelled as well according to comments in the Forum.

Mr Bean,

Nice to see you on Saturday, come and have a chat at the next LoT day.

i will be up for a local meet/trackday

when i get my exige, thinking i should be buying now as the weather is shite waiting til the summer will only bump up prices

Well I’m in Essex so not too far from sunny suffolk Would be happy to bore you to tears / coma / death with info… Or as Mark says come to the next LoT day and we’ll all bore ya

As a newbie of a couple of weeks,im up for a meet/track day.
Just waiting for the snow to stop…

Next day out is Bedford on the 28 th cant wait…
But The Donnie show should sort me out with some Belts…any advice …and I fancy that air scoop extension but I guess it might channel the rain down your neck.??
Snow’s melting might find my beloved under it ,then I’ll look for the wife…

When is the show?
Bedford on the 28th,who did you book it with and how much?is it this month?Cheers
Snows gone,time to play

Snow gone Time TO Play
Lotus on Track Bedford 28 th Mch
After that its 30 May Bedford again.
check out www.lotus-on-track.com If you have not joined now’s the time…