Ears - Now I'm deaf!

Picked up my exige thursday…stage 2 exhaust…went out for a good drive Sunday and went to a BUPA healthcheck Monday AM.

Everything else I’m tip top…but now I’m deaf! officially

Whats the concensus on ear plugs?

On the sunday drive I did use some for some of the journey and found it fine but I do love that noise. But not at the expense of my hearing?

Why go for maximum volume, when really you don’t like it

Did you go for touring pack & a nice stereo too


I’ve always used ear plugs, even when I had a std exhaust.

I find that the road noise is the biggest noise contributor, and I feel I really drive better with the overall noise down.

It’s difficult to avoid the noise in an S1, so fair enough really. A different matter in the S2 though…the standard car is pretty quiet cruising at 100mph+


I have had noisy 2 seaters for 18 years and flown noisy hairy planes for nearly as long.

I always have a crap hearing test result every year. Its always pants but stays the same rather than getting worse.

I use plugs on the motorway but have to hear it properly when ‘beans’ are being given

S2’s are like a finely balanced sewing machine compared to a badly tuned S1 VHPD

tim…thx for the constructive feedback! look forward to seeing you

Mhaney/Uldis…thats what I wanted to hear!!!..practically I can hear all I need to and sometimes less than I should when it suits …

but at the back of 300+ mile on wet wednesday I came up with a better plan…when it stopped raining…I opened both the windows on the M5 turned up the stero and it was great. Problem solved!

as you say on the twisties/track I want it cerebrally noisey just as it is



Why are you selling your car?

tim…thx for the constructive feedback! look forward to seeing you

LOL! Glad you’re sorted with it. It would be good to meet at Donny…& yes, my ears are sh@gged too (But i blame Mr Kilmister )


cos I want a 240 Mr P…yes already! And yes I’m hoping to meet up with you guys on track so you can teach me how to make these things go fastest…I followed one round Donny last year in my RS well tried anyway! Hence I’m now a lotus owner…cos I cant afford a 904!

Its a serious issue guys. I work with the deaf world for my job. Some the reasons people damage their hearing is a lot less than Stage 2 exhausts etc.

I had a set of attenuating ear plugs moulded for my ears. Much more comfortable and easier to use than the expaning orange plugs.

I used this company in london


good idea and a lot cheaper than hearing aids later on!

I used this company in london
Sensorcom >

Thanks for the link. Have been meaning to get some earplugs and they’re just round the corner from me.


Me too!!! Fitted a Pipercross VIS this weekend, been out with the noise meter INSIDE the car. 4000 rpm see’s 87 db(A)8000 rpm see’s 107db(A). Kin ell that’s inside the car. Car also fitted with Blueflame exhaust. Exhaust is very sooted up as well since fitting Pipercross (leave it Pesky).

With the standard set up all is quiet unless giving it the full beans on second cam. I quite like that dual character & will be leaving things as they are. It’s no slower after all

Anyway, my ears are bad enough as it is


Exhaust is very sooted up as well since fitting Pipercross (leave it Pesky).

You are kidding, matey!