DZUS fasteners

Hi all,

I’ve just got the “quick release kit” for the undertrays on my Exige, should be quite interesting

Has anyone got this? Seems pretty easy to install really and should help a lot taking the fecking undertray off

Also want to get 4 to hold the airbox on but just a couple of Q’s…

Is Demon THeives the best place? They’ve got a load of DZUS kits and stuff… Even get them in funky colours LOL!

Also what kind of length? There’s 3-5mm or 5-7mm… I’m thinking 3-5mm would be fine for the airbox / backing plate but I never know

Gonna get the whole car “quick release”! And not talking Lotus build quality LOL!

Also are D-Ring OK? I would think the “D” would rattle like buggery! But would be easier

Or can you get “wing nut” type fasteners?

i’ve seen these kit on hangar111 site.

Yep, that’s where I got the undertray kit from… All looks cool!

But also want 4 for the airbox (IIRC Uldis done this?) so can pop it off easily!

I had one of those quick release kits from Hangar 111. There were a few problems…

The first one is really a problem with my Edwards’ diffuser. The diffuser is a tight fit between the two longitudinal ridges under the rear clam. No problem with the normal bolts, but it’s a bugger getting the quick release fasteners adjusted to the correct length to pull the diffuser into place.

Second problem is the flimsy plastic washers used to attach the fasteners to the panel. They were too small, and too flexible so the fasteners would fall out when you try to fit the diffuser. Quick release is right, but bloody slow, frustrating refitting spoils it for me.

Thirdly, every time the dealer takes the diffuser off, they ‘lose’ some of the fasteners. Probably because of problem no 2.

I reckon the best approach to quick release on these things is to cut a few mil off the standard bolts!

Hmmm well will see how I get on… But I don’t have funky diffuser, just the standard one (can’t justify getting on until I can go fast enough )…

I’ll see how mine fit then

Funny you mention this but yes, I have fitted the 1/4 turn DZUS fasteners, with D rings to my airbox.
I especially hated the fitting back the underside screws, but now, it’s just a dream!.

Got them from Demon Thieves, I think it was the shorter ones, about 15mm long.
Will post some pics today.

And regarding the undertray, like Brendan says, I don’t believe they were so practical. If anything I was going to give the same ones (as the ones I got for the airbox) a try, since the ones from Hangar 111 still require a key.
But then better not. I’m afraid they’ll get lost and we will need an allen wrench anyway for the 2 central ones.
Better invest in a quick ratchet wrench, or better yet, one of thos electrical ones.

Fitted the 1/4 turns and have gone back to some rough thread screws as it took longer to try and get the 1/4 turns to bite than to screw in the normal screws. I have the eliseparts diffusor which makes it more difficult but would notbother with the normal 1/4 turns.


I also heard some elise owners say the dzus fastners sometimes fall out of their own accord - we also use them at work and as others say, they can sometimes take ages to catch properly. Maybe you could use a mix of dzus and normal bolts (cut to a sensible size) as a compromise ??

do the dzus on the airbox still give a tight enough airseal ??

Properly installed DZUS fasteners will not fall. They might make noise (with the ring flapping about) but not fall. I used them on my racebikes, and that’s a hard life there.

The ones on the airbox give a perfect seal, and engage properly. BTW, I’ve changed the spongy part between the plate and the box, because the original one didn’t provide any sealany longer, it was flat as a piece of paper.

Maybe the ones that had trouble were too short?. I say, if they’re the proper length, they will find the other side immediately.

I’ll try to finish today assembling the clam and upload the pics I’ve taken.

Can you clarify regarding the spongy gasket between the plate and the box? I have one between the ITG filter’s red frame and the airbox, but there’s nothing between the airbox and the intake. Carbon fibre against metal doesn’t seem (so to speak) like they’d make a reliable seal. Where can I get more spongy?

Ok, here they are.
On the Bookatrack gallery. Look for the last 4 pics at the bottom.

Beto, I don’t know how your ITG filter is as I kept the Pipercross one (I still believe there’s nothing wrong with it). But yes, there should be something between the airbox and the metal.
In my case there was some white foam, but it had worn. This foam I bought was from a hardware store (B&Q here), on the section dealing with heating (pipes, sleeves, radiators, etc) so is pretty rugged. It is also adhesive on one side and reinforced with some sort of fibers (you can see them throught the adhesive glue)
Check out the pics, you’ll see what I mean.

Great pics Uldis. I’m sure I can track some DIY foam at the local HW store.