Ok, as my car is now running the 211 ecu I would quite like to get it on a dyno to make sure everything looks ok, ie AFR under load etc.
It would also be nice to get an idea on output while its there so is there anything to look out for in a dyno place? TDI and Sincs seem to use hub Dyno’s but in the NW I can’t seem to find a place that has one?
I am thinking of taking it to TDI north but theirs is a RR type, I am guessing that will still be ok?
Would it be better on a hub dyno? As I said I am not after anywhere like the boy racers use for power runs, just a place that knows what they are doing to look at the car and check everything looks tip top.


Andy, I believe the hub dyno kit costs over �100K, so there ain’t many around.

Sincs or TDi are the place to go but a long trip for you, I thought TDi North had a hub dyno as well?
I had mine run at Sincs on Saturday was pleased, the car still has all its talent enhancers in place 273hp @ the hubs :slight_smile:

you have pM