Duralac - which product is best/correct?

Just doing some general fettling on my car and I have an old tin of the Duralac sold by Eliseparts:

This just looks like paint and goes on quite thin with a paint brush although the website states “Simply smear a layer between any 2 surfaces not only will it arrest the corrosion process it will act as a very fine thread sealer and enable easy bolt/nut removal in the future.”

Looking on some of the boat websites they seem to offer this:

which looks more like a paste to be applied in a similar way to say copperslip.

Just wondering if I have the wrong product now?

Steve, I think you’re ok it’s still the same stuff regardless of the container.

I have a tin of this and was wondering what does this do that a bit of grease won’t do?

Thanks chaps.

Just lookig up the “active” ingredients - seems to be barium chromate.

Barium chromate is a fine light yellow powder with the formula BaCrO4.

There are a few uses of barium chromate:

As an oxidizer and/or burn rate modifier in some pyrotechnic compositions, especially delay compositions.
As a pigment in paints, ceramics, coloring glasses, fuses, and porcelains.
[color:#CC0000]As a corrosion inhibitor to prevent electrochemical corrosion at the joints of dissimilar metals.
[/color] In safety matches.
In metal primers.
In ignition control devices.
As an initiator for explosives.

but not sure why it’s better at this than say grease…

Barium chromate … better at removing excess cash from pockets when compared to grease !!

I was asking mainly because when I took of the engine mounts, subframe and the balljoint brackets on the uprights, there was still corrosion in there despite the duralac.

How much did you use & did youjoin the parts whilst it was still wet/sticky?

It was like that when I bought it. There was quite a bit of it and the rest I have no idea.