Dumb S1 Question...

Just a quickie. Does the S1 Exige come standard with an oil cooler? From most places Iv’e read, all VHPD cars came with an oil cooler, but can’t find any specific reference to an Exige.

Am just trying to work out whether it’s worthwhile hooking up a fan override switch to my forthcoming S1 or not… if the car has a water/oil cooler, this is of more benefit as you’re cooling the oil as well as the engine.

I’d just like the fan override switch so that I can bring the temp down by a degree or two on the end of cooldown laps as the temp usually spikes when you get back to the pits and just sit there idling, it’d be nice to pre-empt this and bring the fan on manually.

Yes it has a small air/air oil cooler at the front bottom. The oil cooler pipes run inside the driver side sill and it gets kind of hot.

dumb S1 question? For last time NO - it is not better than the S2.

Oi! Get out of the S1 section, go back and discuss fluffy dice with the other Elise coupe owners.

I suppose the S2 is better in a Cadillac DeVille sort of way.


What’s wrong with Fluffy dice?

So to follow n from this, is it wise to fit a fan override switch? It’s something I always intended to do ont he Elise as after trackday sessions I’d leave it idling in the pits for 10 minutes to draw the heatsoak from the engine. Shutting it down immediately (even after a cooldown lap or two) always seemed to end up with the water sitting at ~108 degrees if it was started 10 minutes later.

Always seemed silly though that the car was sitting there idling and it would take seemingly ages for the water temp to climb from ~88 degrees when I came into the pits to 102 degrees where the fan came in… thought it’d be better to switch the fan on just as I was pulling in at the end of my cooldown lap and leave it idling for a few minutes with the fan on to get more cooling.

Of course when I’m on “open pitlane” trackdays I’ll give the car 3 or 4 slow cooldown laps, which negates the problem anyway, but when running sessioned days we don’t always have that luxury… I’m just trying to simulate a similar type of cooldiwn ritual for the car even when it’s sitting in the pits.

So to follow n from this, is it wise to fit a fan override switch?

I think that it is a very good idea, for the reasons you expound - although not heard of many peeps doing it.

Thought that was what your AC button was for Mr P???


Thought that was what your AC button was for Mr P???


Jeez, you youngsters have a good memory

Override switch would be a good Idea for your roads as the slower you drive the hotter the K gets…sitting in traffic jams is not a NZ problem but in crowded Europe I see 105 degrees too often and suspect it could lead to early HGF…Rob, Clermont Ferrand on the FF6 was Very interesting for this!!! needed your Sat nav and a half.