Ducting to alternator - secured to???

Guys, how have you secured some ducting to the alternator? I found it wedged between the cam cover and rear fire wall (do you think I’ve got too big a bore ducting?) and ended up cable tieing it to the fuel breather line (with some padding on that), I couldn’t seem to get it attached to the roll bar and still face the duct???

Pic here: http://www.bookatrack.com/-PG?uldis&2326&20438&640

BTW, you do have the plastic end that adpts to the RH scoop, do you?
And the little plastic zip tie that goes around the roll bar?

From memory it’s no bigger than 2 1/2", maybe 2" or 2 1/4" but no more.

Ah OK, mine was a homebase special as it’s soooooo bloody hot I thought I’d better get something just pointing that way… I’ll try hooking it onto the roll bar…

But otherwise mine’s just some flexible ali ducting, cheap as chips

Mark is yours a non-A/c car?

I’ve used flexi ali pipe too, tie-wrapped to the side event from the front of the pipe, and the other end is tie-wrapped (around it’s circumference) to the A/c pipe bracket. A/c cars also have the alt in a different place, the top of the engine.


Uldis - that’s a non-standard/factory fixing isn’t it? From memory mine is riveted to the manifold heatshield rather than attached directly to the alternator.

Well, it used to be the factory one, fixed as you say to the heatshield, but since I removed it on my rebuild, had to change the fixing point.

It’s lighter