Drumming noise?

On tickover or just above my car quite often produces a resonating or drumming sound which seems to come from the floor pan just under the drivers seat.While I expect my car to rattle and shake this is a little excesive.Anybody else have this problem and any Ideas for a cure.CheersSteve

SteveDaft suggestion (probably)- but are there any loose objects under the seat eg coins, fag lighter, packet of mints etc?Sensible suggestions (possibly)- could be that the bolts of aluminium undertrays beneath the car need tightening up. Is the glass window between the cockpit & engine bay secure?Good luck [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

SteveIs your engine steady bracket and/or mountings 100% OK ??

Took the drivers seat out tonight and for sure the problem lies underneath.If I lightly tap on the under tray from above or below there is that bloody anoying resonance.All the bolts are tight, so I have not got a clue how to cure the problem without some Heath Robinson bodge.Any ideas?Steve

You could get some of that self adhesive acoustic matting - there is space.Only problem is that if your car is like mine, it will turn into a sponge after a few showers!!

Yeh! might be an idea,thought about wedging a sponge under the seat probably solve the problem but it’s a bit pony!.

How about using self-adhesive acoustic foam?It will probably end up as a self-adhesive acoustic sponge, mind!!