Drop links.... #update#

First order received from @SeriouslyLotus today, roll bar drop links (great service and prompt delivery).

Might have a go at fitting them this weekend, seems a straight forward job.
Quick question, what torque setting should I nip them up to?

Drop link torque is 45nm according to tech data


Thank you :+1:

Fitted today.

The old ones have considerably more movement than the new ones, they feel like a straw in a glass or water, the new ones like a straw in a thick milkshake, the difference is night and day.
Old ones were a b@stard to get off, at one point i was contemplating getting the grinder on to the bolts.

Definitely needed doing and now I’m wondering what else could be done.

Old Vs New

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How old are your ARB bushes?

From new - 2007.

Id change those out.

Easy while the droplinks are undone/new!

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