Driving without the rear wing?

Has anybody driven without the standard S1 Exige rear wing on the track or drag strip, to trade off cornering speed for straight line acceleration?

I think the South Afrian drag racer did, rather uncomfortably if I recall (Jason?).

But WHY?! The Exige is designed to go round corners. Buy an old Jag if you want to go fast in a straight line!


There’re some tracks where you can probably lap quicker if you trade downforce for more acceleration. I’ve always wondered whether the Exige will handle like the Elise round the corners if you take the wing off…

Hi Hubert,

Yes we run it with the wing off on the strip only, and with a long diffusor. It is actually not that bad, but it runs on a perfectly level surface, Logan says it is no problem,

However it must be said and this is important as it runs at 270 Km/h with the wing off, that the car is prepped before every race, toe is checked and all bolts are given a once over. i know i am a granny but at those speeds it is not worth the risk of having the car twitch.

The motorsport car that ran the speed record ran with the wing off and did over 300 km/h it was super light and very unpleasant at those speeds apparantly without the wing.

For gymkana and track work it runs with the wing on, there is no real benfit to taking the wing off on the track, it will propably in conjunction with a long diffusor give you 4 km/h down the straight, but lose you 10km/h at the apex in a long sweep so not worth the trade off.

So to summarise, it can be run with the wing off but needs to be setup to run that way, No it does not handle like an elise with the wing off, because it has front downforce which the elise does not have and needs the wing to balance itself.

Thanks Jason. That’s very helpful