Driving Light Replacement

I’ve broken one of my driving lights (the ones in the grill) and I’ve searched on here, SELOC and pistonheads and cannot find a description of how to replace.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


I replaced one on mine and it was straightforward enough. If you shine a light in and look at the top of the lamp there are a couple of torx screws. If you take these out you can remove the lamp with half the bracket still attached. I don’t think you have to remove the lamp using the nut on the side insitu, but i can’t remember. Once you have a replacement lamp set it becomes more apparent.
Space is a bit tight and you’ll have to use the blu-tack in your socket trick to stop loosing the screws in the clam.

Cheers for the advice. Someone told me that it was a clam off which seemed a bit ott!