Driving abroad - Protection

ok ok before we get any wise cracks involving foreign places of ill repute and STD’s , I’m refering to vehicle break down coverage. Any one got any recommendations, does Lotus have a prefered choice - not sure I want any tom dick or harry outfit trying to tinker with an Exige breakdown (touch woood it doesnt happen). I notice the Lotus endorsed warranty mentions traveling abroad as an optional extra but given Warranty Holdings is not taking on any new business I suspect they wouldnt be able to modify the UK coverage plan.

I believe the Lotus warranty just comes with AA cover.

You tried them?


I used the AA 5 star European cover last year. My car broke down in France, and within a couple of hours I was in a hire car and continuing our journey. We even managed to catch up with our friends on the same day. It took them about a week to get the car back to blightly.

I’d definately recommend them