Drivers Run 2005

I am taking a break from the Gumball next year and am signing up to the Drivers Run. New event run by 2 crews from this years Gumball. Well worth a look. Half the price of the Gumball and there should be a really strong entry. There is an Enzo, a GT2 and a New Ferrari 430 all but confirmed. That and of course my Exige, if I ever get the damn thing. We will have to see what Joe Macari’s guys can do with her when it arrives! Long distance tourer? Can’t be any worse than the Elise in 2003!

But these runs I’d say you are paying too much for… something.

Why not do one of the Stelvio trips instead? Best driving possible and you don’t have to pay other than your own expenses.
In fact, the Stelvio guys laugh at all these Cannonball, Britball, Gumball, Hairyball, etc runs. The perception is that they serve to make money to somebody, and any kind of publicity is bad (attracts police).

But you’ll find only few poser machines. Mostly well driven Lotii.

The perception is that they serve to make money to somebody, and any kind of publicity is bad (attracts police). [/quote]

I know what you mean. There is part of me that enjoys the Police participation! Spain this year was absolutely great fun. There is something raw and exciting about them. A bit like being part of the Cannonball Runs of the 70’s. I grew up with Smokey and the Bandit and films of that nature. Yes they are expensive, but I would recommend Gumball to anyone. It is an experience I will never forget. It is not as illegal as is often claimed and there is a huge ammount of hype, but I will continue to do runs like this as long as I can. Value for money…probably not, but the two Gumballs I have done so far will live with me for ever!


Looked at the Stelvio Run. Like the look of it. Will have to keep an eye out in the new year!

The Driver’s Run is something new and different. Gumball usually visits one or two circuits for a short period of time. The Driver’s Run is going to several top class circuits with plenty of road miles in between! It is a new run so it will bring some new people into the Road Rally events. I understand why people think they are not good value, but if you have the money to spend and a car to drive, they are well worth it! Hell, I am in a Universal Pictures Movie and got to walk the red carpet in Leicester Square! Don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it!


would you want to go driving with these guys? having watched the videos ive never seen driving as bad as that or is it that the camera just makes it look that way?

Some of the driving was pretty damn bad this year. Gumball had only had one accident in 5 years up until this year. The driving this year was down to a combination of two things. There were a newer breed of Gumballer, with highly modified cars, such as the Escort Cosworth and the Hennessey Viper, and they went about trying to prove a point. The other issue was the police in Morocco. They let us do what we wanted. Even in towns and villages, they cleared the road for us, moving any traffic out of the way and waving us through. There is something a little unnerving about a cop waving at you to go faster when you are doing 80 in a town. But it was easy to get caught up in it. Morocco was good fun, but in hindsight was a very dangerous situation. We were trying to stay “on it” but keeping an eye out for potential problems. When there is no speed limit it is very easy to get carried away! As for the most part, apart from the one day, there were no real issues, apart from the speeding. But that is the name of the game. I realise that not all people want to speed accross Europe, But a lot of us do! And it was good, clean safe fun. For most of us anyway!