Drivers door rubbing

Looking for some advice.
My Exige drivers door has started to rub the front arch when opening, which has started to rub the paint thin.
Can the door be adjusted by myself or is it a dealer fix?

I’d say, anything that can be done by a dealer, one can do better.

S1 or S2?

In the S1 it’s a metter of 4 bolts, the ones that hold the rear of the front clam, 2 behing (below the hinge), 1 by the windscreen and one beside the radiator.
Slacken, pull back clam and tighten.

S2, I have no idea, but would imagine about the same.

Thanks for that…it’s an S1.

Mine does the same, Clam will need adjustment every now and then, do not adjust the door as it is a lost cause and will not help much. The clam procedure is the way to go. Very simple, just keep an eye on ti for the future as it rubs through very quickly.

Is drivers door rubbing, like brass rubbing?