Door locks

Anybody had any problems opening the doors. The drivers door lock seems to have some give in it so sometimes takes several attempts to open !!! Great fun in the rain - not !!

actually i have some problems to open and close my door… [image][/image]

Nice to see you still have your sense of humour Nicolas! [image][/image] Gary: not here I’m afraid…

yes it’s nice tony, i try to stay positive.My only problem is what the insurance will do with my car, i have a total cover so i should have no problem, but u will never know with insurances!!! [image][/image]

Nice to see that you cant read sentances either

quote:Originally posted by garyt:Nice to see that you cant read sentances eitherMeaning?

I have exactly the same problemDoors opens very difficult, often have to try 2 or 3 times before I can get inAm going to dealer about this problem thursdayWill post solution (if there is any)Eric

Cheers you lotYou are like the “Murry Walker Kiss Of Death” I read this thread and then spent 10 minutes trying to get into my bloody car.If this keeps up I am going to stop reading about other peoples problems in case they are contageous.Any one noticed a strange rash?

My dealer found the solution to my "doorproblem"He sprayed a special graphitesolution in the lock and now they open like butter !!!He told me that he has to do this with all new cars !So one problem less …Eric

quote:Originally posted by Reg:Any one noticed a strange rash?Yep, my passenger door has developed a sticky lock in the last few days. I noticed that after the 6K service that I had a can of spray lubricant left in the car, perhaps this is a subtle hint encouraging DIY fix of doorlocks, throttle return springs etc…It is a bit odd how one report of a problem seems to bring out others see my link on leaky roofs:- Oops Sorry Reg just noticed you were the poor sole infected by the leaky roof… if I was you I would stop reading the board or find some way of building you Exiges Immune response [image][/image]