Door Cheater Seal

What’s that then? I hear you cry. It’s the triangular bit of rubber at the leading edge of the side window (about 2 inches high. Mine’s got a split in it because it’s set too far back and the glass cuts into it when wound up. (Bit of a triv problem I know - hopefully not overshadowed by my replacement ECU tonorrow…)The 1999 parts manual I’ve got shows this as being riveted to the door - but to me it looks like it’s glued on. It’s a long shot - but anyone know which it is ?Cheers, Tim

To answer my own question - (in case it may be of help to someone else one day)It’s both - a plastic rivet from the inside of the door and glue on the top bit.Sorted ('nother dumb question coming up though [image][/image]