Don't try this at home!

Hi Guys,
Cannot believe I haven’t been on to the site for 10 weeks! - It’s changed!

Did something really stupid on Sat night. Late to pick up a young lady, skirt on brain etc etc, started up the Exige in the garage, pushed it out onto the drive. Checked that it was completely motionless. (Too much like hard work to reach in for the H/brake)… went inside to get the removable wheel…25 secs later come outside to see the pride & joy rolling down the drive towards a tree…slow motion effect, ran down to it CRRRUNCH.
Got the whole thing on my CCTV. The car stayed perfectly still for 20 seconds before it even moved. Mates think the video’s priceless. Especially the part when I realise I’m just too late to do anything about it.
Didn’t hurt the tree though. [image][/image]

Took my headlight cover off as there was a fly inside (big one) kinda took the shine off ownership used petrol to remove all the black sealant…not a good idea, seems to have removed some sort of protective coating on the inside of the cover. Anyone else been such a prat?

Phil GT

p.s. anyone know anyone Mids based who can sort a badly kerbed wheel (N/S Rear)? Seems the black is like a polyester coating - anyone know if it is?

Sounds like a sure fire winner for “You’ve been framed”!

Go on, send it in so we can all watch it

These peeps will do a good job on your wheel:

Pristine Alloy Wheel Refurbishers Ltd
Newport Rd Woburn Sands
Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire
MK17 8UD

Tel: 01908 282628

I will gladly post the video if anyone knows how to do it. it’s VHS - anyone any ideas? [image][/image]
Thanks for the wheel info, got it sorted yesterday. Pal of mine owns Image Wheels in Tipton (Don’t mention the Taliban) - phoned him up, took it round, he removed the tyre, put the wheel on a lathe, took 40 thou off the leading edge, diamond polished it, re powder coated it, stuck it in the oven for 20 mins @ 275 degrees C and then told me you have to wait 50 mins for the wheel to cool. - Picking it up today 6p.m. - what a mate!
weighed the rear wheel at 11.6kg. Told me his weighs 5kg!

Phil GT


Wheel - Glad you’ve got it sorted. I’d forgotten about Image Wheels - they do make some great stuff

Video - What I meant was, send it ITV (keep a copy though)with a view to getting some national exposure on “You’ve been framed”

Ta Pesky,
will send it in within 7 days & keep you posted.

Phil GT

Hi Phil,

I live close to Tipton (too close for my liking… ) and I’ve been after a recommended wheel refurbisher. You got a number and some estimate costs? I’ve got some lightly scratched wheels I’d like refurbing.


Sorry to read your tale of woe - you may hate me for this but it has put a grin on my face - it’s just the kind of thing that I would do - can’t wait for the video

[image]>> [/image]
Thanks for the wheel info, got it sorted yesterday. Pal of mine owns Image Wheels in Tipton
weighed the rear wheel at 11.6kg. Told me his weighs 5kg!

Phil GT

Phil - could he make replacement wheels for an exige? I remember the first time I took the wheel off my car I was a bit peeved at how heavy everything was (including the wheel-nuts.

hey Uldis you kikin around here now?

they can, and those are the only other alternative to the Speedlines: light and race-ready.
They have another advantage: if you bend the hoop (you won’t bend the hub) you can replace it cheap.
I’ve been trying to work up the courage to order a set, but it will have to be together with Nitrons, other wise suspension action would be worse.

So, that is: Emerald, Nitrons, Speedlines or Image wheels, and that’s it for now.

Who has a cheap set of Speedlines?


ahhhh… rebound rates n stuff would need altered… mmmm why did lotus not knock 20kg off the original weight by fitting proper wheels and sorting the suspension out for us??